24 Ways To 100s of More Points

Feeling Overwhelmed? Get an SAT or ACT Coach

Your Score Booster™ SAT and ACT lessons make test preparation fun and productive.

A Your Score Booster™ tutor or instructor will…

  1. Offer a diagnostic test and a PointsBooster® report that shows you section by section, question by question, how you performed on the test
  2. Customize the preparation to the areas where you can gain the most points
  3. Design quizzes particularly for you
  4. Offer mock exams so we can gauge your progress and further customize preparation
  5. Teach grammar, from parallelism to the comma splice and focus on only the key grammar issues that appear on the test
  6. Show even slow readers how to get through a passage quickly
  7. Point out the various types of reading questions and how to attack each type of reading question
  8. Teach students how to read short passages, short paired passages, long paired passages and single long passages. (The different passages require different techniques.)
  9. Use mnemonic devices to help students remember information for all sections.
  10. Help students improve SAT and ACT essay writing, which is quite different from the essay writing you learned in English class
  11. Show students how to answer algebra questions without doing algebra and review the areas you don’t remember or haven’t learned yet, from geometry’s 7-24-25 perfect right triangle to probability.
  12. Teach students how to exploit the multiple-choice format
  13. Show students how to eliminate answer choices.
  14. Show students when to guess when they can’t figure out an answer
  15. Help students pace themselves
  16. Provide students with vocabulary books, cartoons and flashcards demonstrated to boost vocabulary
  17. Offer students exclusive Your Score Booster™-developed calculator software to help with the math section — software that can be used on test day
  18. Evaluate the student’s progress
  19. Tailor work to the students’ shortcomings
  20. Focus on the quickest ways to boost students’ scores
  21. Relieve test-related anxiety
  22. Teach in a way that engages students
  23. Design the workload to accommodate students’ schedules
  24. Give students the encouragement to work hard and boost their scores dramatically