Math Secret – Exponent

Your Score Booster (YSB) is the only SAT and ACT preparation company offering The PointsBooster® Method, which is demonstrated to boost scores hundreds of points. The exclusive method offers the SAT secrets in detailed lesson plans for the math, critical reading and writing sections, including the essay. While it’s important to know all the SAT math,

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SAT Math Secret - Absolute

Secret Portrait

Suppose you were given an assignment to draw a portrait that has one head, two eyes , one nose, one mouth, two ears, and hair (optional).Based on the requirements… Which portrait is better? The Answer Perhaps surprisingly, the basic, stick-figure portrait would get a higher score because it fulfills all the requirements: one head, two

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SAT/ACT: But vs. However

So let’s say you see these answers choices on the SAT writing section… A) NO CHANGE B) but C) however D) therefore First, you know you are being tested on transition words. That also could mean you are being tested on run-on sentences, which go hand-in-hand with fragments. Some students mistakenly would eliminate B and

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Secret Lines

Question Suppose you get this SAT Question: The author discusses Pierre Trudeau’s election (lines 12-17) in order to… What line numbers have the answer to this question? Answer One might expect the answer to be in lines 12 to 17. After all, the question says “line 12-17.” However, those lines are merely where Pierre Trudeau’s

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