Ivy League Applicants

What is your goal SAT or ACT score?

YSB Bell CurveTo get into an Ivy League school, you’ll need a top score, a goal that takes a substantial amount of preparation through SAT or ACT tutoring or classes. If you’re committed to achieving a top score, we’ll help you get there. Some students starting at other preparation companies hit a plateau in the 1400s on the SAT or right under 30 points on the ACT. If you’re bound for a top university, that score is too low. The PointsBooster® Method of SAT and ACT preparation can help you achieve your best possible score.

Our students who applied to Harvard University and got in have attributed their acceptance to our help!

Thanks again for the classes this summer. It’s highly unlikely that I would have gotten into Harvard without your help.

Kelly Steeves

Vancouver, Harvard University class of 2018


Reading Passages

You’ll have to get even the most difficult questions correct. We’ll show you how to get through the passage more quickly so you’ll have more time to answer the questions correctly. We’ll go through various question types and how to attack each question type.


Multiple choice

With The PointsBooster® Method, many students quickly ace the Graduateswriting section. As a top achiever, though, you’ll have to spend more time focusing on the questions that rarely come up but can easily throw you off. We’ll show you the difference between “desirable” and “desirous,” and many other types of diction questions. When you’re familiar with those rare questions, you’ll be able to achieve a top score. We’ll also show you phrases that sound strange but are grammatically correct. Some of these phrases have long since been abandoned by many writers but show up on the SAT — phrases such as “long since.” Had you already studied with Your Score Booster, you’d recognize that you can start a sentence with “had you already studied.” 


Richard has been a writer for two decades and has taught journalism at a university in New York. He also has been involved in writing several packages of news stories nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, including articles on the blackout in New York and the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York. With experience as a writer and tutor, he has created methods to boost the SAT essay score.


We’ll show you why even high-achieving students get several math questions wrong before preparation. Hint: It has nothing to do with math. Anyway, The PointsBooster® Method will help you fix the problem with drill after drill. We’ll show you the harder questions that come up again and again. We’ll help you pick up your speed so you can get through all of the questions and have time to check your answers.

As a high achiever, you must get nearly every question right. We’ll help you.

And we will figure out which areas are giving you trouble and do drills to focus on those problem areas. We’ll focus on the grid-in questions if that’s your area of difficulty. (Grid-in questions are not multiple choice but require you to fill in your own answer.)

SAT and ACT Scores for Ivy League Universities

Here are scores required for Ivy League universities. For example, to be in the 75th percentile at Brown (meaning just 25 per cent of students would be ahead of you) you would need a 1570 on SAT or 34 on ACT.

School Name75% SAT25% SAT75% ACT25% ACT