GRE & GMAT Preparation
We can teach you all of the tips, strategies and curricular material for the GRE & GMAT. So you’ll feel confident on test day to get into the graduate university of your dreams.
GRE & GMAT Tutoring
Learn about each of the sections with in-depth understanding so you can excel on your exams.

GRE and GMAT Tutoring

Your Score Booster will set you up with a practice GRE or GMAT test, from the actual maker of the test. So your score will reflect how you would do on the actual test.

Then we’ll review the test and provide a FREE consultation, discussing if your score is within the range for universities you are interested in attending, or how we can get you to the score range you need. 

Based on your practice test, we’ll target the areas where you need help, helping you get into your top universities so you can start the career you’ve dreamt about.


For students seeking to attend the top 50 universities.
CAD $2,500.00
  • 10 hours of live 1-on-1 tutoring
  • CAD $250.00 per hour


For students seeking to attend the top 20 universities.
CAD $5,250.00
  • 30 hours of live 1-on-1 tutoring
  • CAD $175.00 per hour


For students seeking to attend the top 10 universities.
CAD $10,200.00
  • 60 hours of live 1-on-1 tutoring
  • CAD $170.00 per hour

Self-Administered Diagnostic

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“When I decided to study for the GRE I immediately contacted YSB because they helped me tremendously in achieving my dream score on the SAT. YSB is effective in helping me score higher because it is personalized. They understand my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to focus on improving my weaknesses on the test.“

“Before going to Your Score Booster, I did not know the fundamentals of studying for the GRE. After studying with Your Score Booster, I gained techniques and strategies that I could use on the test. The instructors are very patient and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend.”


The GRE has three main sections:

  • Analytical Writing (Analyze an Issue and Analyze an Argument)
  • Verbal Reasoning (reading comprehension, text completion, sentence equivalence)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (understand, interpret and analyze quantitative information; solve problems using mathematical models; apply basic skills and elementary concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis). You may use a calculator.


The test has four main divisions:

  • Analytical Writing: 30 minutes. 1 question. Write an essay. Score 0 to 6 (in 0.5 point increments)
  • Integrated Reasoning: 30 minutes. 12 questions. Analyze data and evaluate information. Score 1 to 8 (in 1-point increments)
  • Quantitative Reasoning: 62 minutes. 31 questions. Analyze data and draw conclusions. Score 6 to 51 (in 1-point increments)
  • Verbal Reasoning: 65 minutes. 36 questions. Read and understand written material, evaluate arguments and correct written material to conform to standard written English. Score 6 to 51 (in 1-point increments)

The GMAT is slightly less than 3.5 hours (with two optional breaks).

Why Your Score Booster

Our signature teaching method uses a unique combination of tips, strategies and curricular material.

With one-on-one tutoring, students get individualized attention and material customized for them.

Our tutors and instructors are experts in the material, format and strategies.

Your Score Booster teaches lessons that take into account each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

After boosting their scores with us, students get into Ivy League and other elite universities.

Our tutors and instructors specialize both in the topics they teach and the PointsBooster® Method.

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