Why Your Score Booster

Benefits of Your Score Booster Preparation:

  • Your Score Booster techniques help students increase scores more quickly than just taking test after test without understanding the strategies.
  • We focus on areas where students can gain the most points, helping students receive acceptance letters rather than rejection letters.
  • We can save you money, as a higher score can lead to more scholarship money.
  • We help students receive scores worthy of admission to prestigious universities.

Prepare for a score worthy of the university of your dreams.

Our students walk into the test room with confidence.


Techniques used by Your Score Booster


Tools available for Your Score Booster students

Top 10 Reasons Students Choose Your Score Booster

  • We produce a detailed SAT PointsBooster® Analysis or ACT PointsBooster® Analysis for mock exams to help you focus on the areas in which you can gain the most points.
  • Our instructors are experts with a track record of helping students boost scores dramatically.
  • We are the only company offering The PointsBooster® Method — exclusive SAT and ACT preparation methods demonstrated to dramatically boost scores.
  • We provide workbooks with everything you need to know for the test.
  • We track the progress of each student.
  • We produce Just4You™ customized quizzes that help you focus particularly on the areas you need to improve.
  • WebBooster™ online video solutions supplement sessions with tutors or instructors, allowing you to progress more quickly and saving you money.
  • AbsenceMakeup™ allows you to make up for up to two missed online classes with highly discounted tutoring sessions.
  • We specialize in test preparation.
  • Parents and students can speak directly with Richard Dalton, the owner of Your Score Booster, who has great pride in helping students get into their dream universities.

Thanks again for the classes this summer. It's highly unlikely that I would have gotten into Harvard without your help.

Kelly Steeves

Vancouver, Harvard University

Your Score Booster came highly recommended to our daughter from her friend who had been accepted to Harvard. Your Score Booster was able to help enormously with teaching our daughter the methodologies and the work effort needed to be her best on testing day. Our daughter received an early acceptance to Stanford University, which was no doubt assisted by her SAT result.

Leila Bell - Irving

(Vancouver , Dunbar)

Will You Miss Session(s)? No Worries.

AbsenceMakeup™ allows you to get tutoring at a highly discounted rate to make up for up to two missed online sessions.

All classes includes exclusive PointsBooster® Method strategies, diagnostic tests, PoinstBooster™ analysis of exams and Just4You™ quizzes

Our Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll be more confident about the ACT, we offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee.

The PointsBooster® Method

Only Your Score Booster teaches The PointsBooster® Method, the set of tips, strategies and curricular material demonstrated to boost scores dramatically.

Get Into Your Dream University

We’ve helped students get into:

  • Harvard
  • Princeton
  • Brown
  • Dartmouth
  • Duke
  • Cornell
  • NYU
  • U Penn
  • UCLA
  • USC
  • and more.

Why Your Score Booster

Our signature teaching method uses a unique combination of tricks, strategies mnemonics and curricular material.

With one-on-one tutoring and even in classes, students get individualized attention and material customized for them.

Our tutors and instructors are experts in the material, format and strategies.

Your Score Booster teaches lessons that take into account each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

After boosting their scores with us, students get into Ivy League and other elite universities.

Our tutors and instructors specialize both in the topics they teach and the PointsBooster Method.

How We Differ

Your Score BoosterCompetitors


We evaluate where you can gain the most points with our PointsBooster® report.


Offer a one-size-fits-all approach.

Expert Instructors

Our tutors are experts in the areas they teach and are adept at explaining material clearly.

Lacklustre instructors

Young, inexperienced instructors who are unable to convey the lessons well.

Top-notch Material

Comprehensive, spiral-bound workbooks for every section of the SAT and ACT.

Subpar material

Disorganized worksheets collected from various sources.

Actual Tests

Uses tests published by College Board and ACT Inc., makers of the actual exams.

In-house tests

Fake tests that don't provide a real gauge of the actual SAT.

Strategy and Tricks

Teaches mnemonics, tricks and strategies.

Tests Only, No Techniques

Others haven't developed techniques and merely offer test after test.


Specialized in test preparation since 2005.


High school math or English tutoring companies tacked on SAT preparation.


Variety of material in class keeps students alert.


Students in unexciting classes have trouble absorbing material.

We're here for you

Call owner Richard Dalton directly.


Part of chains or franchises or large companies.