Alumni Success Stories

We have taught students from countries around the world, including the United States, China, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, teaching the SAT or ACT online, or in person in Vancouver. After finding success with us, many parents send their younger siblings to us as well.

Educational consultants also look for the best test preparation to help their students get into top universities. Two prestigious consulting companies, IWE Consulting and Key Admissions, refer their students to us. We have many SAT and ACT success stories.

From Students and Parents

We have taught students from these schools:

Watch this amazed student as he gets his score back while in the Your Score Booster office.

This really has been a dream come true. I couldn’t have done it without your amazing tips and tricks on the SAT.

Travis Lim

accepted to UCLA, UCSD, UC Berkeley and many other U.S. universities

Ethan thanked us for helping him get a score worthy of admission to Harvard University.

 The SAT math course armed me with lots of targeted practice and lots of tips and tricks to deal with types of questions super quickly.

Ethan Jasny

800 on math, Harvard

This student got into an Ivy League university. Now he’s a successful architect.

I would definitely recommend Your Score Booster.

Jerry Liu

Cornell University

Student Receives $90,000 Scholarship after Tutoring with YSB

Selina He女士解释Your Score Booster如何帮助她的儿子显著的提高ACT的成绩, 被大学高分录取.

Selina He discusses how her improved dramatically at Your Score Booster.


Student’s reaction of their improved score after using Your Score Booster!

From Educational Consultants

I had a number of students of students over the years who were applying to US schools that I referred to Your Score Booster with great success. All achieved significant score gains and all were admitted to their first choice schools, with three receiving significant merit scholarships, including a Presidential Scholarship.
Ed.D, U.C. Berkeley; Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education; Master’s Degree, Goddard College

Whitney Laughlin, Ed.D. - Retired

We sincerely thank Your Score Booster for helping our students to improve their SAT and ACT scores and increasing their confidence so that we as an education consultancy can better help our students to achieve their educational goals. We will definitely continue sending our students to Your Score Booster!


Maria Wang

director, IWE Study

We have been so impressed with the SAT/ACT results that Your Score Booster has been able to achieve for their students. Their comprehensive textbooks, easy-to-understand video solutions, on-line support, and the exclusive PointsBooster™ Method of test preparation have led KEY to actively collaborate with YSB for SAT/ACT prep. Their classes and tutorials are best in class, and we have seen first hand the dramatic improvements they have been able to achieve with our students. Although the SAT/ACT is only one factor in the complicated application process to highly-selective universities, YSB helps maximize students’ potential in achieving the scores necessary to be competitive candidates.



Key Education

From Students and Parents

Here are some quotes from e-mails from Your Score Booster alumni and their parents

I remember when Holden first came to YSB, he only scored 26 on the ACT test. With the help of your YSB for over a year, Holden scored a perfect 36 on the ACT. Choosing your YSB to study for the ACT and SAT is one of the best things parents can do for their children.

Flora Guo

My tutors were amazing. I feel as though I was a lot more prepared working with Your Score Booster in comparison to other SAT prep institutions.

Megan LI

York House School

I would highly recommend anyone struggling to achieve past the 1500 mark to try out this unprecedented learning experience!

AZ, Kerrisdale

St. Georges School, 1520

With your grand bank of tests, materials and online tutorials, I could practice on my own. This gave me a lot of flexibility to plan and control my schedule when school work got heavy. Your Score Booster ultimately lessened my stress from school while I prepared for the ACT.

Wenyang (Sam) Shen

NYU Stern, ACT: 34

I am absolutely thrilled to be attending Princeton this fall. A huge thank you to Your Score Booster for helping me reach my goals.

Austin Wang


Thanks again for the classes this summer. It’s highly unlikely that I would have gotten into Harvard without your help.

Kelly Steeves

Vancouver, Harvard University
A map showing a flight from Calgary to Vancouver
We now tutor online worldwide!

It was most definitely worthwhile for us to travel from Calgary to Vancouver to work with Your Score Booster. My daughter went in believing she would do well, and the results were phenomenal!!!

Zai Mamdani

Calgary mother, 300-point increase for daughter Shaileen

Compared to the two fairly well-known places I went to before, Your Score Booster definitely helped me the most and took the least time, too..

Cindy Ning

Crofton House School, Accepted to Carnegie Mellon, UCLA and Cornell University

Your Score Booster really helped Richard iron down the techniques for SAT essay writing, such as budgeting his time, and developing a strong thesis. He was able to not only complete his writing within the given time in the actual exam but also achieved a score that we are very satisfied with.

Wendy Kang

We had left it rather late, but Richard Dalton was able to focus our son on what he needed to do to improve his writing score. In just two sessions he improved his score by 130 points — definitely worth it.

Erica Geddes

North Vancouver

I feel quite relaxed about the college application process because I am very much ‘in the range’ for all of the schools that I am applying to.

Sage Lachman

Crofton House School

I was easily able to get the score I needed on my SAT, and I couldn’t be happier.

Malcolm Gould

North Vancouver, became hockey player with Michigan Tech Huskies.

With your tutoring, my math score went from my worst to my best score.

Shea T.

New Westminster, UCLA, 760 on math, up 160 points on math section alone

Your Score Booster came highly recommended to our daughter from her friend who had been accepted to Harvard. Your Score Booster was able to help enormously with teaching our daughter the methodologies and the work effort needed to be her best on testing day. Our daughter received an early acceptance to Stanford University, which was no doubt assisted by her SAT result.

Leila Bell - Irving

(Vancouver , Dunbar)

The reading techniques and elimination strategy made combatting the exam less stressful and much easier.

Cataleya Jiang

York House School; SAT score 1540; Princeton University. Also admitted to Columbia University as a Rabi Scholar.

Your Score Booster was excellent preparation for the SAT but more importantly instilled confidence in Julia. YSB also kindled a love of reading for pleasure in her.

Mike & Erin Lane

I’m so happy I got into my dream school. NYU Stern is the best in every way, and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Sandy Liu


Probably the best SAT prep in the Lower Mainland.

Varun Shravah

Your Score Booster has the best resources…. The tutors are extremely knowledgeable about the SAT and they know how to pin-point exactly what types of problems you need help with.

Sonja Jacobsen

Crofton House School, 1530

Your Score Booster helped me excel because it targeted the types of questions I struggled with and made me more confident in approaching the test. It is definitely worth it.

Angela Lo

1540, University of Pennsylvania

For those who aren’t naturally gifted at taking standardized tests, Richard Dalton does a great job of assessing each student’s strengths and needs to increase confidence and ultimately test scores. The level of care that he puts into each student is unparalleled and the results show it. I highly recommend Your Score Booster whether you’re new to these tests or simply want to further boost your scores.

Harrison Xu

USC student, former Saints student

I was struggling with the critical reading and writing portions of the exam since English wasn’t my first language. Through Richard’s individualized coaching, I gained a comprehensive knowledge of the exam…. I don’t think I would be where I am today without Richard.

Benedict Leung

St. George's School, Duke University

I improved tremendously…. I just wanted to tell you how extremely delighted I am, and how I owe this success to your instruction.

Mark Zhong

Brentwood College School, Vancouver Island, USC (430-point increase)

Travelling from Coquitlam to Van. was well worth the travel.

Vicky Chernoff


I have never felt better prepared for any test.

Tara Vasvani

Chapman University (also accepted to Boston University and University of Cincinnati

I am quite happy and impressed with the tutoring I received and can confidently state that it helped improve my score. I would highly recommend Your Score Booster.

Matt M.

New Westminster

Your Score Booster helped me with finding my weaknesses and giving me the necessary skills to make them into strength. In the end I got 800 in math thanks to YSB! Definitely recommend to a friend!

Lincoln Wen

Keaton Heinrichs got into his dream university, UCLA, after tutoring and classes with Your Score Booster.
Keaton Heinrichs got into his dream university, UCLA, after tutoring and classes with Your Score Booster.