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At Your Score Booster, we recognize that experts in university admissions help students with university admissions, so we don’t offer such advice.

Instead, we focus on test preparation. The standardized SAT and ACT exams are very different from the exams students take in school, so many students require expert preparation for the exams. We can evaluate how much, if any, help students may need by giving them diagnostic tests.

If students require help, only Your Score Booster® offers the PointsBooster® Method, a set of tips, strategies and curricular material demonstrated to boost scores.

Below, we provide information that you can use while advising students on the SAT and ACT.

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During busy times, we may resort to a waiting list. So it’s a good idea to tell your students that you referred them to us. Referrals get top priority for starting preparation during our busy periods.


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The Your Score Booster blog has more news and tips about the SAT and ACT.

I am absolutely thrilled to be attending Princeton this fall. A huge thank you to Your Score Booster for helping me reach my goals.

Austin Wang

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Here’s an email you can send to students who want to attend U.S. universities.

If students are interested in attending a U.S. university, they’ll need to take the SAT or ACT.

Here are options from Your Score Booster SAT & ACT Classes and Tutoring. All services are available to students from any school.

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