Offering SAT Classes at Mulgrave School

Diagnostics: Thursday Feb. 4
Reading/Writing: Tuesdays Feb. 9 to May 11
Math: Thursdays Feb. 11 to May 13

Our Alumni in Ivy League Universities

We have prepared students to get admission to these universities

Your Score Booster came highly recommended to our daughter from her friend who had been accepted to Harvard. Your Score Booster was able to help enormously with teaching our daughter the methodologies and the work effort needed to be her best on testing day. Our daughter received an early acceptance to Stanford University, which was no doubt assisted by her SAT result.

Leila Bell - Irving

(Vancouver , Dunbar)

I could have never been where I am now without your support.

Anna Edmonds


This really has been a dream come true. I couldn’t have done it without your amazing tips and tricks on the SAT.

Travis Lim

accepted to UCLA, UCSD, UC Berkeley and many other U.S. universities

Why Your Score Booster


PointsBooster® Method

is a particular method for teaching the exam using tricks, strategies and mnemonics.


Individualized Attention

Even in a class, each student gets individual attention and even quizzes made just for them

Teacher helping students learn

Expert Preparation

Our tutors are experts in the material, format and strategies.


Tailored Lessons

Your Score Booster teaches lessons that take into account each student’s strengths and weaknesses.


Ivy League students

After boosting their scores with us, our students get into top private secondary schools and university-bound students get into Ivy League universities and other elite universities


Uniquely Qualified

Our tutors specialize both in the topics they teach and the PointsBooster Method.