Are Asians Discriminated Against in University / College Admissions?

A recent study says “Not Really” according to an article in Inside Higher Ed. If only standardized test scores were used to admit students to the most selective colleges, Asian enrollments would increase by just two percentage points, researchers say. Insider higher ed The debate over affirmative action has been framed in part (by opponents …

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Test Anxiety

Students can prepare for a test for hours and hours. But test anxiety can make it difficult to excel on a test. If you have test anxiety for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, GRE, GMAT, SSAT, IELTS, TOEFL or CELPIP, check out this booklet on test anxiety.  


Math Secret – Exponent

Your Score Booster (YSB) is the only SAT and ACT preparation company offering The PointsBooster® Method, which is demonstrated to boost scores hundreds of points. The exclusive method offers the SAT secrets in detailed lesson plans for the math, critical reading and writing sections, including the essay. While it’s important to know all the SAT math, …

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SAT Math Secret - Absolute

Math Secret – Absolute

For all integers , |-b| is equivalent to which of the following: (A) b (B) -b (C) √(b2) (D) -|b| (E) -(-b) The correct answer is C. Wait! You object. The absolute value of anything is always positive, so the answer must be A (or E), you argue. Well, b is not necessarily positive. The …

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SAT Math Secret - Absolute

Secret Portrait

Suppose you were given an assignment to draw a portrait that has one head, two eyes , one nose, one mouth, two ears, and hair (optional).Based on the requirements… Which portrait is better? The Answer Perhaps surprisingly, the basic, stick-figure portrait would get a higher score because it fulfills all the requirements: one head, two …

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