PointsBooster Analysis

Based on an analysis of every question on an SAT or ACT exam, Your Score Booster’s PointsBooster® reports let students know exactly where they can gain the most points. The reports include:

  • Your score on each section
  • Your total score
  • Whether you got a question right or wrong, or whether you omitted it
  • What topics you know well and what topics you need to study more. The reports are very specific about listing these topics, identifying, for example, triangles, complex numbers, run-on sentences, diction, idioms, or reading question types such as main idea, author’s intention or inference questions.
SAT-ACT scores

PointsBooster® Analysis Report

Our detailed score report shows you at a glance how you performed on each section. For this students score report (before any tutoring), we can see he struggled on reading and likely ran out of time.

We’ve analyzed every question on the test. So you get further detail on subsequent pages (below) about how you performed on each question type.



Our reports identify how you did on each question type:

  • Main idea
  • Paired Passages
  • Author’s Voice and Method
  • Tone / Attitude Questions
  • … and more

Don’t worry. If these question types don’t sound familiar, we’ll teach you how to recognize the question type and how to answer it.

For each question type, we can then review the question you got wrong (identified in red circle).



Our report identifies your strengths and weaknesses on writing:

  • Logical transition words
  • Sentence order
  • Revise a sentence
  • Relevance
  • … and more

We can see this student had one wrong answer (in red circle) for “Revise a sentence.”

Because we help students obtain scores in the 99th percentile, we even focus on question types that have just one wrong answer.


Math Section

The top row shows that this student scored a 710 on math, with 49 correct questions. She has mastered 36 topics, needs to review 12 topics and has 5 topics for instruction (needs to learn them.)

Below, we see exactly the topics required for review and instruction.

  • Interpreting graphs and charts
  • Percentages
  • Unit conversion

Even if you excel in math, the exams can have tricky questions. And to obtain the 99th percentile, there’s little room for error. That’s why we target the specific areas in which you need help.

Science (ACT)

Unlike the SAT, the ACT exam has a science section. Each section is scored out of 36, and this student scored a 26 on his initial ACT diagnostic exam before tutoring, getting 33 science questions correct out of 40.

He has mastered 15 topics. We’ll focus on the 6 topics he requires for review and 1 topic for which he needs instruction.


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