How can I prepare for the SAT or ACT?

We offer classes and tutoring. Packages include: Our top-notch instructors or tutors Our comprehensive workbook(s). WebBooster, our online video solutions that help you boost your score between sessions

How do I register for the SAT or ACT?

Students usually take the SAT or ACT in the spring of grade 10 in grade 11. It’s possible to take in the fall of grade 12; however, that would be the last chance. The test dates often fill up, so register in advance. Register for the SAT (including subject tests) or the ACT.

Can students progress on the SAT and ACT in between sessions?

Yes, we encourage students to progress in between classes and tutoring sessions. We offer our students access to our homework website, which allows students to get video solutions to exercises from lessons completed during class or tutoring sessions. We also provide quizzes that are customized to each student based on our detailed analysis of practice test …

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What SAT or ACT scores will I need for the NCAA?

To learn more about the SAT and ACT scores you need for the NCAA, Please check out the Your Score Booster page on student-athletes. Those eligibility standards may differ from university requirements for the SAT. Check with potential universities for their requirements.

What sections does NCAA require?

NCAA looks at the critical reading and math sections. NCAA doesn’t require the writing section. Some universities, however, do require the writing section. If you don’t have to prepare for the writing section, you can save money on preparation. So check with universities that interest you to see if it’s required.