10 Tips for Choosing the Best SAT / ACT Tutor

Make sure your tutor…

  1. … makes you complete a diagnostic test before you begin preparation
  2. … Let’s say you get 65% of the question right. Make sure your tutor will focus on the 35% of the questions you got wrong. In other words, your tutoring should be customized to you so you’re not doing and redoing questions you already know.
  3. … uses the initial diagnostic to customize the preparation to you
  4. … gives customized quizzes that focus on the areas in which you need the most help
  5. … has training specifically in the SAT or ACT.
  6. … has their own workbooks that cover everything. If the tutor has generic workbooks available in any book store, the tutor hasn’t designed his or her own program.
  7. … works with comprehensive SAT / ACT lessons that include tips, tricks and curricular material.
  8. … provides parents with feedback on the student’s progress.
  9. … offers flexible hours to accommodate busy students.
  10. … will assign a good deal of homework, so a student can have fewer lessons, saving money for the parents.