Secret Portrait

Suppose you were given an assignment to draw a portrait that has one head, two eyes , one nose, one mouth, two ears, and hair (optional).
Based on the requirements…

Which portrait is better?


The Answer

Perhaps surprisingly, the basic, stick-figure portrait would get a higher score because it fulfills all the requirements: one head, two eyes , one nose, one mouth, two ears, and hair (optional). The detailed portrait of the man has one ear, but the portrait must have two ears.

Your Score Booster SAT Essay Secret

Your essay must contain certain elements. We use the acronym GLOVE.

  • Good grammar
  • Language (Good vocabulary)
  • Organization: At least five paragraphs organized with good transitions
  • Variety in Sentence Structure: Don’t be monotonous. Have a variety of sentences.
  • Examples: This is the most important. Support your thesis with actual examples, not general statements.

Your essay must have certain components. One important element is examples that support your side.

We Will Teach You the Secrets

We’ve analyzed SATs to figure out the secrets. We’ll teach you the other components that College Board requires for a top-scoring essay.