Your Score Booster Policies

We have the following policies, but note that all of our preparation is customized; we can make exceptions. So please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our policies.

COVID-19 Safety Policy

Before visiting our office, complete this form and read our COVID-19 policy below the form.


If we assign a diagnostic to you, that does guarantee we will accept you as one of our students. Your Score Booster may not accept a student for several reasons. One reason for rejection of a new student would be, for example, a long delay between the assignment of a diagnostic test and its completion, indicating a lack of motivation, dedication or available time for homework.


Students generally reserve tutoring appointments at least one week after the scheduled completion of the diagnostic test. For example, if you complete the diagnostic test on Nov. 7, you can schedule your first session for Nov. 14. The delay gives us time to customize the sessions based on the results of your diagnostic test.

After the first session, you may request a tutoring session as short as a day in advance, but we recommend reserving sessions at least two to three days in advance. Try to spread out your sessions so you can absorb the material and avoid cramming.

Tutoring with Richard Dalton is generally reserved at least one month in advance.


If a student has not taken an actual exam, we require the student to take a diagnostic test before tutoring begins. Also, the diagnostic test allows students and parents to see the score improvement due to the preparation. We can review your diagnostic test at our first tutoring session. If the student is accepted for tutoring with us after the diagnostic test, we will analyze your diagnostic to develop a customized program for the student based on areas in which the particular student can gain the most points on the exam.

Texting During Sessions

We do not want your tutoring session to be interrupted by texts. Therefore, during sessions, students may read incoming texts only from a parent, and may respond only to coordinate a pickup or to send other important information. Students may not correspond with anyone else via text. Using our new session-reporting system, tutors will report to parents that a student read and/or responded to an incoming text. Parents: While your student is in a session, please write to him or her only for important information. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Updates to Parents

For minor students, we will provide parents with updates on a student’s progress via e-mail on occasion and by request. Following at least four hours of tutoring, a parent may request a free phone consultation of up to 15 minutes. At least four additional hours must occur between subsequent free 15-minute phone consultations.

Your Score Booster Workbook

The online lessons are synchronized with lessons from the tutor. After a session, students are assigned lessons related to that session. Only lessons reviewed with the tutor will be activated online. Students will not be able to complete other lessons online until we teach those lessons in a tutoring session and activate them online.


Boosting your score is a collaboration between the tutor, the student and the parents. The student must do his or her part by completing all assignments. Students will be assigned homework based on the lessons reviewed in the workbook. Students must complete the homework in the workbook, quiz or test. After completing homework, students must enter their answers on our homework website. This allows us to track your progress so we can tailor our lessons to your shortcomings and provide customized quizzes. Parents should ensure that students complete their homework.

We highly encourage students to watch video solutions for questions they got wrong or omitted on workbook lessons or quizzes, so the students can progress more quickly.

Tracking Errors

Students should track the types of errors they have made so they can see patterns. Our PointsBooster® analysis of test results will track the categories of questions you got wrong, such as reading main idea questions, writing subject-verb agreement or math coordinate geometry. However, it cannot track if you made a careless error, such as misreading the question. Students should track those types of errors separately. The tutor can provide advice on avoiding careless mistakes.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

Your Score Booster greatly appreciates notification of cancellations or rescheduling as far in advance as possible.

If you reschedule or cancel a session with notice of 48 hours or more, you can keep the hours (no hours debited) by paying a rescheduling fee of $25 per cancellation or rescheduling. The hours will be deducted from your credit, but you’ll get them back when you pay the rescheduling fee. To avoid having hours deducted, pay the rescheduling fee when you request to reschedule or cancel sessions. You may pay the fee here.

For cancellations received within 24 to 48 hours of the session start, we will deduct 1 credit hour, or 2 hours for those who cancel frequently (three or more times.)

If you cancel with less than 24 hours, we will deduct 2 credit hours. If you don’t show up, we’ll deduct hours for the full length of the scheduled session.

If you are running late, call the tutor, who will wait for you. But we won’t extend the length of the session.

If we don’t hear from you about a delay, the tutor will wait 15 minutes for you to show up. If the student doesn’t show up for a schedule session, we’ll charge the full fee for the session.

Sessions are 2 hours minimum. If a session is longer than 2 hours, you may reduce the length of a session, as long as it remains 2 hours or more, by providing 48 hours’ notice; otherwise, you’ll be charged for the number of hours that you reserved.

Group Sessions

Students who receive a discounted rate because they are receiving tutoring with other students at the same time must schedule all sessions in the package in advance. If a session is held with any of the students, those who miss the session will not receive a makeup. Cancelling or rescheduling must be done 48 hours in advance in order to receive a make-up session.


Fill out this form to notify us of vacation. It is also available under the students tab of the website.

Rate Changes

Your Score Booster reserves the right to change rates, before or after tutoring begins, except for sessions for which you’ve paid in advance.

Refund Policy

All payments are non-refundable, unless otherwise noted.

Anti-bullying Policy

In compliance with WorkSafeBC, Your Score Booster has an Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy Statement designed to protect our workers from bullying and harassment. Please review the policy. Note that the policy to prevent workplace bullying and harassment applies to “a member of the public, a client, or anyone a worker comes into contact with at the workplace, including online sessions. Parents and students will be advised of unacceptable conduct.”


By using our website, you agree to our terms and conditions. Listings on this website are not an offer to sell services; rather, they are advertisements to receive offers. All offers are subject to review and acceptance by Your Score Booster. As all prices are subject to change, your order may not be accepted or we may have to communicate price changes or lack of availability of services to you after you place your order. If you do not agree to a change in price, you may receive a full or pro-rated refund on any products or services not yet received or partially received, respectively.


Clients pay for tutoring or classes in advance. See your contract regarding late payments.

Cheques returned for non-sufficient funds will incur a fee of $50 per returned cheque. We may require subsequent payments by cash, bank cheque or money order.

Privacy Policy

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