Jobs at Your Score Booster

Why work at Your Score Booster?

Here’s what one tutor, Craig, has to say.

Why do you like tutoring for Your Score Booster?

The students who come to Your Score Booster are highly motivated to do well and are engaged in the sessions. Many have moved on to Ivy League schools or have otherwise become highly accomplished.

Do you get a sense of accomplishment by helping students?

It is one of the best feelings in the world when you see a student start out really struggling with the test and a couple of months later hit a goal score that seemed like an impossible goal.

Is your work schedule flexible?

One of the best things about working for Your Score Booster is that you can fit students in when it is convenient for you. You can choose to work only weekends if it suits you, or you can choose to not work weekends at all. If I’m really busy at my main job, I can cut back on the number of hours I work at Your Score Booster. If I want to work more hours, I can choose to pick up more students.

Are you rewarded adequately financially?

Your Score Booster pays very well for the work that we do. You get paid a high wage for the tutoring sessions, but the real advantage over ESL tutoring and teaching is that you also get paid for all of your training. A lot of this training is useful in other areas of your life as well.

What else makes Your Score Booster a good place to work?

I have learned a lot of skills that are transferrable in the field of education.