Learning Where You Went Wrong on the SAT or ACT

So after you take the SAT or ACT, what’s next for test preparation?

If you didn’t get the top score you need and plan to take the test again, here’s a tip: Get a copy of the test questions and review the actual test you took. The service is inexpensive but invaluable. You can purchase the service when you register for the test or several months you take the test.

For the SAT, the QAS (Question and Answer service) is available in March, May and October.

For the ACT, the TIR (Test Information Release), is available in December, April or June.

Go through the test questions and re-evaluate your answers, without looking at the right answer from the answer sheet.

See the trends in your wrong answers, and learn gaps or reinforce subjects doing the following:

  • Review workbooks
  • Subscribe to online preparation services
  • Hire a private, one-on-one tutoring from a tutoring company.

Make sure a tutoring company will evaluate your actual test questions and tailor your preparation to the areas where you need the most help. After all, there’s no need to waste your precious time reviewing material you already know.

Also make sure your tutoring company has a particular method for teaching, such as the PointsBooster Method.