Should I use Score Choice?

You probably shouldn’t use Score Choice. (If you don’t know what Score Choice is, see previous question “Do I get to choose my best mark? ” ) Many schools, including Ivy League universities, look at all your tests and take the highest score from each section. So you are better off sending all test dates. …

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How do I know what SAT or ACT scores a university requires?

Visit U.S. News and World Report for detailed information about many universities and their median SAT or ACT scores. The site requires a subscription but offers a wealth of information or Check out the school’s website. Search on for free. Or visit our page on the Ivy Leagues.

What SAT or ACT scores will I need for the NCAA?

To learn more about the SAT and ACT scores you need for the NCAA, Please check out the Your Score Booster page on student-athletes. Those eligibility standards may differ from university requirements for the SAT. Check with potential universities for their requirements.