SAT & ACT Information - Harvard University

Harvard SAT Score Guide

Currently the average SAT score, for students looking to gain admission at Harvard, is 1520. It is extremely competitive, so the better your score, the higher your chances are to gain acceptance. 

Getting a score of around 1460 puts you below average, within the 25th percentile. Whereas a score of 1580 would put you above the average, within the 75th percentile. 

Harvard hasn’t specified any definite requirement for scores on either the SAT & ACT, but they like seeing a minimum score of 1460 to have an opportunity in being considered at their university.

The acceptance rate for students who apply to Harvard is less than 5%, meaning that around 95% of people who do apply, get rejected. So while it’s not a requirement to get a good score, you can see how getting a score gives you an edge over other students applying.


Breakdown of Scores

Average GPA

Going into Harvard, students typically have an average GPA of 4.18. This is extremely competitive and requires you to be at your best, with straight A’s, to even be considered.