Pay an Invoice

First select the package that works best for you. At checkout, you will be presented with the following payment options:


You may send two separate payments if your bank has a limitation on the amount you can send via Interac.

You can send payments to:

Don’t worry about the password; the payment will be automatically deposited.

If you don’t know how to send via Interac, ask your bank, or visit here for more information Interac.

Pay online via a credit union

Add “Your Score Booster” as a payee and send payment online via any credit union.

At Coast Capital Savings

Pay at any Coast Capital Savings. Ask to make a payment to payee Your Score Booster.

At our downtown Vancouver office

You may pay by cash or cheque or debit card at our downtown office.

Contact us to make an appointment. Cheques must be written to “Your Score Booster Inc.”

Mail a cheque

Write precisely “Your Score Booster Inc.” on the cheque. If you make any changes, remember to initial the cheque; otherwise, our bank will not accept the cheque.

Contact us to let us know you mailed the cheque.

Credit Card

We accept following credit cards for online payment:

WeChat Pay, Alipay or UnionPay

You may also use these QR codes to pay directly. Limits may apply. For example, with UnionPay, you may pay only $1,000 with the QR code. To pay more, click “Pay Online” below, checkout and after checkout, enter your UnionPay number.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT & IFT)

Bank transfer and EFT payments deduct funds directly from your Canadian bank account. Payments will be processed immediately.

International Funds Transfers allow you to pay using your own currency from a foreign bank.

Refund Policy

No refunds are offered on purchases.