Free SAT and ACT Mini Course

Looking to improve your SAT or ACT score? Sign up for a FREE mini course written by Richard Dalton, the mastermind who created The PointsBooster® Method. Richard was BANNED from taking the SAT after cracking the code of the SAT and obtain a perfect 800 in reading and writing. In this email mini course, Richard will share many of his secrets that you can use to boost your test scores dramatically.

Topics include:

  • Common SAT and ACT myths, and how they sabotage your score
  • How SAT test writers try to trick you, and how to turn their games back on them
  • Common trap answers, and how to avoid them
  • 8 common SAT/ACT reading mistakes you MUST avoid!
  • 9 common SAT/ACT writing mistakes students make that are easily avoidable – if you learn to recognize them
  • 9 common SAT/ACT math mistakes and the keys to overcome them
  • …and much, much more!