Richard Dalton, creator of The PointsBooster® Method

A long-time investigative reporter specializing in data analysis, Richard has “cracked the code” of standardized tests.


The PointsBooster® Method of test preparation, which I developed, helps students improve their scores dramatically.

Why was Richard banned from taking the SAT?

Richard Dalton, the creator of the PointsBooster Method, cracked the code of the SAT and obtained a perfect 800 in reading and writing. Because the test is graded on a curve, Educational Testing Services (ETS), which oversees the SAT, banned Richard from taking the SAT. Find out more in this official letter from Educational Testing Services.

Tutoring with Richard Dalton

Richard Dalton developed The PointsBooster® Method of test preparation, a combination of techniques and strategies demonstrated to boost scores dramatically. Richard has taught hundreds of students for more than a decade, helping students obtain scores high enough for admission to Ivy League universities and other top universities.

Tutoring with other Tutors

Your Score Booster has many expert tutors on the faculty. All tutors are certified to teach The PointsBooster® Method.