Topic Digital SAT Old SAT
Format Digital only via College Board app
Tablet and Laptop
Timing 2 hours, 14 minutes (shorter exam) 3 hours (longer exam)
Sections 2 Sections, each with 2 Stages
  • Combined R&W Stage 1: 32m 27q
  • Combined R&W Stage 2: 32m 27q
    71 seconds per question
  • Math Stage 1: 35m 22q
  • Math Stage 2: 35m 22q
    95 seconds per question
*All students take this in order.
4 Sections
  • Reading: 65m 52q
  • Writing: 35m 44q
  • Math No Calculator: 25m 20q
  • Math Calculator: 55m 38q
Scores Scores released days after exam Scores released weeks after exam
Unscored 2 unscored questions per stage
(4 total unscored questions in Reading and Writing)
(4 total unscored questions in Math)
Structure Stage Adaptive
  • Each section will start with an introductory module.
  • Performance on the first set of questions (first stage) determines the level of the subsequent questions they see (second stage).
  • Critical for a shorter test.
Test does not change based on student performance
Test Version Unique tests from pool of questions Same test for everyone
Taking the Test
  • Can move back and forth within the current stage.
  • Tools: Calculator, Flag, Highlight, Answer Eliminator, Answer Sheet
  • View for flags
  • Timer provided
  • Scratch paper collected at the end
  • Can move within timed portion
  • Can write on test booklet
  • Risk of mis-bubbling