Are the SATs that are given in the States only easier than the others?

There used to be an U.S.-only March SAT exam, and students posed this question frequently based on anecdotal evidence from peers. Now there are U.S.-only exams in June and November. College Board would answer by saying all the tests are standardized. But College Board’s previous SAT guide also offered this mendacity: “The SAT isn’t designed to trick you,” a statement any student will recognize as untruthful. The bottom line: Don’t choose your test date or location based on this unsubstantiated belief. And I hope you learned some vocabulary from the above explanation:

  • Anecdotal: based on personal evidence, and not necessarily reliable. It comes from anecdote, which is a short, personal story.
  • Mendacity: untruthfulness. Did you already know that? Are you sure? Don’t be mendacious.
  • Unsubstantiated: not supported or not proven by evidence. Think UN (not) SUBSTANCE — there’s no substance to it.