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Harvard SAT Score Guide

Currently the median SAT score for students accepted to Harvard University is [median SAT], and the average ACT score is [median ACT]. Harvard is extremely competitive, with an acceptance rate of [acceptance rate]. So the higher your score, the better your chance of acceptance.

Getting a score of around [25th percentile] puts you below average, within the 25th percentile. Whereas a score of [75th percentile] would put you above the average, within the 75th percentile. 

As of the publication of this page, Harvard University considered the SAT and ACT optional. However, because it is so competitive to gain admission, experts say a good score can make you stand above the crowd of other applicants.

Breakdown of Scores

Average GPA

Going into Harvard, students typically have an average GPA of [average GPA] out of 5.

The potential reward for admission: The median salary of Harvard University graduates is USD [median salary].