Our Recipe for Success

This student studying for the ACT started out with a 29 on a diagnostic test and got a 34 on the actual test.

This student, who studied with us for the ACT, started out with a 29 on the initial diagnostic test. He got a 34 (out of 36) on the actual test, a score is good enough for any university. The table shows scores on individual sections. Green: Reading; Yellow: English; Blue: Math; Purple: Science

Recipe for Success

How We Help Students Get Top Scores

  1. Take a diagnostic test.
  2. We produce a PointsBooster Report showing exactly where the student can gain the most points.
  3. Based on the analysis, we customise the preparation to the class or individual student.
  4. You receive a workbook of about 600 pages.
  5. Instructor or tutor teaches you the PointsBooster Method for a topics in which you need help. (Only Your Score Booster teaches the PointsBooster Method.)
  6. You complete lessons in the workbook with the tutor or instructor.
  7. You do homework exercises in the printed workbook.
    1. You see results immediately on our website.
    2. You watch video solutions for the questions you got wrong.
    3. The instructor or tutor tailors lessons to the class or student based on the homework results.
  8. You receive Just4You™ quizzes based on areas in which you are having difficulty. For many quizzes, you can get immediate results and watch video solutions.
  9. You continue taking lessons with a tutor or instructor, completing workbook lessons, taking quizzes and taking occasional diagnostic tests.