When should I take the SAT or ACT?

When Should I take the SAT?

Your Score Booster recommends taking your first SAT in May of 11th grade, as the May exam offers the Question & Answer service (see question below).

Take your second SAT in October of your senior year. The Question and Answer service for the October exam will not arrive on time for you to review before the November exam and may not arrive before the December exam.

When Should I take the ACT?

Take your first ACT in April or June of 11th grade, as the April or June exams offer the Test Information Release service, which provides you with the test booklet and your answers for an extra fee (see question below). You can retake it in the fall of 12th grade (September, October or, at the latest, December.) The December ACT has the Test Information Release service. But if you’re in 12th grade, don’t get that service, as you won’t be able to retake the ACT after December and get the scores to your university on time.