Titanium Tutoring Tuition for Tutors trained in The PointsBooster® Method (You Come to Us or Online)


  • USD: $6,762.88
  • CNY: ¥ 44,213.75
  • EUR: €6,048.88
  • BRL: R$24,200.75
  • GBP: £4,588.50
  • COP: 20,635,978.13 pesos


Currency conversion is for information purpose only. You will be charged in Canadian Dollar.

  • The Platinum 30-hour package is well-suited for students seeking to attend the top 50 universities.
  • The Diamond 50-hour package is well-suited for students seeking to attend top 20 universities.
  • The Titanium 70-hour package is well-suited for students seeking to attend Ivy League universities.



You Come to Us (limited cities) or online tutoring.

We have analyzed the exams and have infused that knowledge into our preparation. That’s why students boost their scores not just a little, but dramatically, with Your Score Booster.

The Your Score Booster workbook (600+ pages), video solutions and Just4You™ quizzes create a course within itself, valued at $2,000. The workbook, videos and quizzes are included with the combined purchase of our assessment and consultation fee and one of our tutoring packages.

The workbook is designed to be completed with a tutor; lessons are activated online (for answers and video solutions) after the student completes lessons with the tutor.

The PointsBooster® Method is a particular method for teaching the exam using tricks, strategies and mnemonics. The method is demonstrated to produce significant increases in exam scores. All tutors and instructors are trained in The PointsBooster® Method for the subject areas they teach.

Just4You™ customized quizzes are questions that target the particular areas in which you need help. These quizzes have video solutions that help you progress between sessions with your tutor.

WebBooster is a collection of online video solutions for every exercise related to each Your Score Booster workbook. WebBooster™ helps Your Score Booster students boost their scores for free in between sessions.

Practice Exams: We offer students exams that have been released by the maker of the exam. So you won’t be surprised when you arrive on test day.

PointsBooster® Analysis is a service we provide that includes detailed analysis of practice test results to customize your preparation, focusing on areas in which you can gain the most points.

Personal Academic Concierge, if included in package, helps keep you on track, helping you fit prep into your schedule and keeping you, your parents and your educational consultant updated on your progress.